My name is Tracey Koat
IMG_2375 (1)I am a down to earth Kiwi, who simply loves cooking. I’m married with two daughters, 30 and 27. Cooking is in my blood, it just took me a while to find it! My grandmother was a wonderful cook and baker, and this was handed down to my mother as well. My earliest memories of baking was making ginger crunch every Saturday morning. I didn’t really improve my cooking skills until I left home for good, in my early twenties. Followed by travel to Europe, UK and Asia, my taste buds were extended even further. Now, many years later, together with friends and family, I have no shortage of victims to inflict my latest concoction!

I love how food brings people together and creates conversation and laughter. I am always in the kitchen when I’m at home cooking for husband Andrew, who constantly needs feeding.  I share my passion with  foodie daughter Joanna, and  my creative photographer daughter Jennifer loves my meals when she comes home from uni.

My goal is to get more people cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients.  We live in a world full of processed food, and eating fresh means it has to be healthier for you.  I hope to inspire my readers that cooking can be easy and fun.

Welcome to Tracey’s kitchen, and my journey with food. Enjoy!

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Welcome to my Kool Kosher Kitchen where food is fun and fun is to create food!

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