Roasted Vege Salad

Are you looking for a colourful healthy dish to take to a friend's house, or do you just want to have something different at home? You need to try this Roasted Vege Salad. I often make this for Christmas day. It is just so colourful, and gorgeous to eat. Last weekend we celebrated my Mum's... Continue Reading →

Tuscan Bean Soup

I just love soup. My parents will be laughing at me, if they read this. While I was growing up, every weekend we would have soup for lunch in the winter. It was very wholesome soup, usually pea and ham, vegetable, or occasionally tinned tomato soup. The soup was usually made with the Kings soup mix,... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Mince

Our household is entering a new phase. When both your daughters are over 18, does that mean our responsibilities as parents are over? This was a post my husband put on Facebook, before our girls went out clubbing. It really is a must-do, hitting the town as soon as you turn 18. Our daughters will... Continue Reading →

Cottage Pie

It's time to get back to comfort food. We were watching Master Chef NZ the other night, and the contestants had to make their " Last Supper". They were asked to make a dish that they would eat if it was their " last day on earth". It created a discussion in our house, as... Continue Reading →

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