My Coffee Blog

I love coffee and I am always on the hunt for a good coffee wherever I go.

To other coffee lovers out there, I thought it would be good to share my good coffee stories, so that you know where to get a good coffee too.

On this page I’m going to share my experiences of coffee tasted throughout New Zealand.

When I’m out I like to have a flat white.  Not the milky types, I have to be able to taste my coffee, so I always make sure I’m ordering a double shot.


I totally recommend a trip to Urban Soul, situated on the corner of Cavendish drive and Great South Rd, near Countdown.

The decor is great, done in French provincial style and the food is delicious.  My mum and I came here on the way to visit my Dad in hospital. It was just the tonic we needed.  The coffee was great…

The spinach and feta muffin topped with cream cheese and pesto speaks for itself.



I had an awesome spiced hot chocolate at Monday’s, Kingsland in Auckland last week. I totally recommend it.

HOT CHOCOLATE, Wellington, July 2016

This was the ultimate in hot chocolate!  If you are ever visiting Wellington, go to Cafe L’affare, where they have the best hot chocolate ever.

Good Coffee in Auckland, April 2016

A few weeks back I had a coffee at the Mojo cafe in Queens Arcade, Central Auckland.  It was delicious. I had some time to kill before meeting a friend for lunch.  Coffee and reading the business section of the Friday herald, what more could a girl want!IMG_4695

Wellington Coffee Scene

Last year I spent a lot of time visiting Wellington.  I believe Wellington is the coffee capital of New Zealand.  The cafes in Wellington are branded by coffee roaster.  My daughter is attends Victoria uni, advised me that she only drinks the Flight coffee brand.  There are over 10 different brands of coffee roasted locally in Wellington.  Well known ones are Supreme, Mojo, and Cafe L’affare. I often frequent Leeds St Bakery who use their own brand Red Rabbit Coffee.  Double shot coffees are standard in Wellington, which I love.

Coffee in My Neighbourhood

We have a great selection of cafes in my local neighbourhood of Howick, in the Eastern suburbs of Auckland. There must be at least 10 places we can go to. The other week I had a lovely coffee at The Parlour. IMG_3293

My local favourite is The Apothecary, which serves up constantly good coffee thanks to their barista Ewen.  Try it if you are out this way. A small flat white, standard double shot is very good value at $4.

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