Easy Midweek curry

EASY MIDWEEK CURRY I am currently working over 30 hours per week. It feels like I’m working full time again, and at the age of 60, my energy levels are being tested. This wasn’t part of my plan, but I’m enjoying the challenge and change of it all. Of course this has had an impact... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower Cheese

My close friends and family know I am an avid book lover. I can be seen browsing in a book shop for hours, especially if cookbooks are involved. I have a wide collection of books, ranging from fiction, travel, self-help, text books and cookbooks. The fiction books have been accumulated as a result of being... Continue Reading →

Eat the Fridge

It's time to reduce home food waste.  I have been doing much research on how to reduce food waste, and I plan to share some tips I've learnt with you over the coming months. I hope to inspire you to make dishes using existing ingredients in your fridge and pantry. A while back I decided... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Salad

  I want you to get excited about eating vegetables, in particular green vegetables. I  love most veges, but how can I get others to eat them more?  My boss at work often teases me for the rabbit food I have on my plate at lunchtime. Other workmates often have a lot of starchy food... Continue Reading →

Tracey’s New Kitchen

 It's time to get back in the kitchen, Tracey's Kitchen. Tracey's kitchen has had a makeover.  In fact its been completely ripped out and redone. It took 5 years of convincing hubby Andrew, that I needed a new kitchen. It wasn't that I needed one, more that I wanted one. Midway during 2017, that convincing... Continue Reading →

Cheese Scones

Warning: you may find this blog post a little cheesey! Cheese scones are simply the best! Delicious straight from the oven, layered with butter, these humble scones are truly comforting. Today I am in need of some comfort, as during the week I sprained one of my glute muscles.  I am treating the pain with... Continue Reading →

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