Fresh Salads

It is Easter weekend, and the sun is still shining in Auckland! It has been an ideal weekend to go out on a boat, laze at the beach or swim in the sea. Autumn is approaching, and one feels this may be the last chance to relish in all things summer in New Zealand for... Continue Reading →

Cottage Pie

It's time to get back to comfort food. We were watching Master Chef NZ the other night, and the contestants had to make their " Last Supper". They were asked to make a dish that they would eat if it was their " last day on earth". It created a discussion in our house, as... Continue Reading →

So, so easy Salmon

This week I have started a new regime, menu planning! The idea is to minimise food wastage and save time, but I have a feeling it really is just not me! I am up for the challenge though, so let's see what happens over the next few weeks. On Monday, I spent some time listing meals for... Continue Reading →

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