­čî╝Courgette Slice

┬áIt's the weekend┬áagain.┬á We are having such lovely weather at the end of this best-ever summer.┬á The leaves are starting to fall,┬áautumn is┬ástarting to show it's face. While my husband┬áis in the garden sorting out the leaves, I have been inside, not cooking, but using my new computer! This new whizz bang computer promises to... Continue Reading →

Roasted Vege Salad

Are you looking for a colourful healthy dish to take to a friend's house, or do you just want to have something different at home? You need to try this Roasted Vege Salad. I often make this for Christmas day. It is just so colourful, and gorgeous to eat. Last weekend we celebrated my Mum's... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Mince

Our household is entering a new phase. When both your daughters are over 18, does that mean our responsibilities as parents are over? This was a post my husband put on Facebook, before our girls went out clubbing. It really is a must-do, hitting the town as soon as you turn 18. Our daughters will... Continue Reading →

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